Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Start the configuration application

Start the configuration module.

Log in

After a new installation, there is only one user who can log in to Access Rights Manager: the user who performed the installation.

More information on adding Access Rights Manager users can be found at Access Rights Manager user management.

  1. If additional users have already been added you can use their credentials.
  2. Switch to advanced login options.
  3. Change the language of the user interface. Available languages are English, German and French.

Advanced login options

  1. Enter the name of the ARM server, for example "srv-ARM.8man-demo.local". If working locally on the ARM server you may also use "localhost".
  2. By default, the communication between ARM server and GUI uses port 55555. Please also refer to the system requirements, section port requirements. If you want to change the port please see the knowledge base article: Configure ARM client apps to use a custom port.
  3. The connection between the ARM applications and the ARM server is always encrypted.

    If you activate the SSL option, all communication between Access Rights Manager server and GUI will be encrypted. Encryption must be configured first. Please see the following knowledge base article: How to enable SSL encryption.