Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Configure storage of scans settings

The "Storage of Scans" configuration allows you to determine how long scan and Logga data are stored. This affects the size of your data base and required disk storage.

Please refer to the chapter SQL Express and Access Rights Manager.


Option activated:

Access Rights Manager creates an encrypted and password protected zip file and stores it on the file system. This data can be reloaded in the Access Rights Manager application even if it has been deleted from the data base. Activate this option when using SQL Express.


Option deactivated:

Access Rights Manager does not create a scan archive. Access Rights Manager users are only able to access data available in the data base.


Determine where the Access Rights Manager scan archives are stored. For example, you can store the scan archives on another volume.

Default path for the scan archives:



Determine how Access Rights Manager reacts in case of low disk space (volume full).


Option deactivated:

Access Rights Manager does not delete any scans from the data base.


Option activated:

Determine how long Access Rights Manager retains scans in the database.

Activate this option when using SQL Express and select a short period of retention.

Please see further information in Data base maintenance.


Determine how long Logga data is stored.

Default: 30 days

An event generates the following average amount of data:

FS Logga about 43 bytes

AD Logga about 600 bytes

Exchange Logga about 600 bytes