Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Predefined icons

To display the technologies and resources in the data owner configuration, use predefined icons.

Use either the ID or the tag (tags are case-insensitive).



IconId="1" or IconId="Server" or IconID="SERVER"



ID Icon Tooltip German Tooltip English Notes
Unknown 0 Unbekannt Unknown (1)
Server 1 Server Server (2)
Domain 2 Domäne Domain  
OrganizationalUnit 3 Organisationseinheit Organizational Unit  
Container 4 Container Container  
Computer 5 Computer Computer  
Share 6 Freigabe Share  
Directory 7 Verzeichnis Directory  
File 8 Datei File  
Contact 9 Kontakt Contact  
Item 10 Element Item  
Group 11 Gruppe Group  
User 12 Benutzer User  
Memorystick 13 Memorystick Memorystick  
BoxSoftware 14 Softwarebox Software box  
Cd 15 CD CD  
Laptop 16 Laptop Laptop  
Smartphone 17 Smartphone Smartphone  
Printer 18 Drucker Printer  

(1) Default for resources if no or an invalid value (tag or ID) was specified.

(2) The default setting for resource nodes (root), if no or an invalid value (tag or ID) was specified.