Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

All templates - the header of the template

"Version": 1

Leave the value 1.

A value prepared / reserved for future versions of templates.



Specify the type of the template. The following types are available:

  • CreateNewUser
  • CreateNewGroup
  • CreateMailContact (rich client only)
  • OpenOrderRequest

The entry must match the file name.



Assign a unique ID. The format is freely selectable. Doubled IDs result in an error message in the server health check.

We recommend using a GUID, e.g. from



Assign a name for the template. The name is displayed to the Access Rights Manager user in the template selection (rich client and GrantMA).



Assign a description which is also displayed to the user when the template is selected and helps to further distinguish it.



Specify the FQDN of the domain. Templates can only be mapped to one domain and are only available in this domain.

The value defined here is available as variable [fqdn] for creation rules.