Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Delegate user provisioning processes to help desk

User provisioning processes are easy to delegate. With ARM you can delegate all of these responsibilities to your help desk. We recommend starting with the delegation of simple account management. Depending on the qualifications of your employees it is possible to expand the responsibilities gradually.


Processes that you can delegate to help desk with ARM

Active Directory

Unlock user accounts

Reset passwords

Modify group and user attributes

Deactivate a user account

Delete a user account by using the "soft delete" feature

Remove a user and their permissions



Create a mailbox (email enable users)

Manage mailbox and email size

Manage out of office notices

Change mailbox permissions


Define your help desk and assign resources with ARM

Background / Value

ARM relieves Administrators and allows the delegation of standard processes to your help desk. To do this, you must define help desk responsibilities and assign resources.

These settings can be found in the ARM configuration application. You can find detailed information in the chapter Manage ARM users and Data Owner.


Assign responsibilities to help desk employees

Background / Value

Access Rights Manager allows you to define very specific responsibilities to individual help desk employees. The following example shows a typical assignment of responsibilities.

These settings can be found in the Access Rights Manager configuration application. You can find more detailed information in the chapter Managing Access Rights Manager users.


Step-by-step process

D008-01 EN

Start the Access Rights Manager configuration module and select "User Management".

  1. Set the view to "User Management".
  2. Use the search to find the desired account.
  3. Use drag & drop to add the account.
  4. Assign the role "Help Desk" to the account.

How to customize the "Help Desk" role is described in the chapter Define Access Rights Manager user roles.