Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Perform an update installation

Before installing an update, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  1. Please read the release notes. These include information about whether the update includes comprehensive and long term changes to the data base.
  2. Please ensure that no jobs are planned or running during the update. You can use the job overview according to the status "Scheduled" or "Executing".
  3. Access to the SQL data base must be ensured during the time of the update. Please ensure that no database backup is performed during the update.
  4. The ARM server must not be in "waiting for restart" status, for example, due to Windows updates.
  5. No users should be logged in to ARM applications. At the end of the update the ARM service is restarted. This leads to the crash of all ARM applications. You can identify logged in users in the server-status menu.


If all requirements are fulfilled, you can start the update:

  1. Copy ARM setup.exe into a local folder (do not use a network folder).
  2. To start the installation, run the file with administrator rights.

The setup language is automatically selected to match the language of the operating system for the following languages: German, English, French. Otherwise English is selected.


The setup identifies the currently installed version and performs an update on older installations. If a newer version is already installed, the setup is canceled.

The ARM installation wizard will automatically start in update mode and the component selection will stay unchanged.


If several collectors are in use, these will be automatically updated.

The automatic collector update is only working if the collector already has the .NET 4.8 framework installed. The automatic collector update does NOT push .NET 4.8 framework installation on collectors. SolarWinds recommends that you update all collector servers with .NET framework 4.8 before upgrading ARM to version 2019.4.


Upgrade Path

For upgrades from older versions, you must run interim updates. The following upgrade path must be adhered to:

7.0 -> 8.0 -> 9.0 -> 9.2 -> 2019.4 -> 2020.2.2 or higher service release -> 2021.4