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Resource owners

This section provides information about resource owners.


Activate the Resource Owner feature

The Resource Owner feature is deactivated by default. To activate the feature the pnserver.config.xml file has to be edited.


Configuration file




Access Rights Manager-Server






in the section <config>

<resourceOwner.enabled type="System.Boolean">true</resourceOwner.enabled>


Possible values

true - Resource Owner feature is enabled

false - Resource Owner feature is disabled (default)


Assign resource owners using the web client

Background / Value

With version 8.0 Access Rights Manager releases new features to move the GrantMA configuration into the web client. We inserted the new role "Resource Owner". Assign this role completely using the web client. Due to the requirements of our customers we designed a direct assignment between the Resource Owner and the resource - without the need of creating organizational categories in the data owner configuration.

The functionality is deactivated by default. Please see Activate the Resource Owner feature.


Related features

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Step-by-step process

Login to the web interface with admin credentials.

  1. Click Settings/the gear.
  2. Select Resource owners.


  1. Search for resources or alternatively navigate through the tree.
  2. The icons indicate assignments and assignments in subdirectories.
  3. Gray text color indicates that no resource owner is assigned to the directory.
  4. Bold text indicates an existing assignment.


  1. Find a user or a group.
  2. Click a search result to set an assignment.
  3. Delete an existing assignment.


Example: Design individual approval flows with the new role resource owner as an approver.


Import or export resource owner configurations

Background / Value

Automate and accelerate the assignment of resource owners by editing a CSV-file. Import/export the assignments to transfer the configuration from one system to another, for example from a testing to a productive environment.


Related features

GrantMA: Design approval processes (administrator)


Step-by-step process

Export the configuration to a CSV-file after assigning resource owners. Click "Export configuration".


The export file is handled as a download. Displaying and saving of the file depends on the browser.


You can edit the CSV-file.

Please note that the assignment must always be one-to-one.


  1. Load a CSV-file.
  2. Clear the loaded list.
  3. Click Import.


  1. Option activated:

    The existing configuration will be deleted before the import.

    Option deactivated:

    The existing configuration will be retained. The import will be added. No duplicates will be generated.
  1. Start the import process.


  1. Access Rights Manager shows you where errors occurred during import.
  2. Edit fields directly in the table to fix small errors immediately.