Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

The simple authorization process - approving and rejecting actions as an administrator

Background / Value

Access Rights Manager allows you to fully empower your data owners and help desk, or to keep them on a tight leash. Initially, especially for help desk we recommend enabling the "request mode" to require approval of certain access rights changes. Once you have established processes you can gradually remove the requirement for approvals.


Step-by-step process

In the Access Rights Manager configuration application select "Change Configuration">"Authorization".


Activate the administrator approval mode.


D010-02 EN Der einfache Autorisierungsprozess

Administrators are able to see open requests on the home page. Click on "Requests".


Right-click on a request and make your decision.


  1. Access Rights Manager shows you details about the requested changes
  2. You must enter a comment.
  3. Click "Apply".