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Create an Azure AD guest invitation

Background / Value

With ARM, you simply create an invitation for Azure Active Directory guests. For example, you can invite an external contractor so that they can attend a Teams meeting.

In order to allow the external contractor to participate in Teams meetings as in the example above, after creating the invitation it is still necessary to assign a Microsoft 365 license to the user and create a group membership so that the guest can also use the Teams application. For both assigning the license and creating the group membership, you can conveniently use ARM.

All executed steps are documented in ARM.


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Manage group memberships


Step-by-step process

  1. Click "Start".
  2. Click "Create new user or group".


  1. Select the template for the guest invitation.

  2. Click Select.

You can customize the Azure templates in the same way as for other resources.


  1. Enter the name and email address of the guest. The e-mail address is mandatory.

  2. Enter a welcome message. This will be displayed in the email that the guest receives as an invitation.

  3. After you have completed the creation of the guest account, the guest will receive an invitation email. In this email, there is a button that directs the guest to log in to their guest account. After logging in, the guest will be redirected to the URL specified here. The default is the overview page of available apps for the guest. You can change the URL so that the guest is redirected to a specific Teams channel, for example.

You can easily determine a desired redirect URL by, for example, using the Teams app in the browser, switching to the desired channel, and copying the URL from the browser address bar.


  1. You must enter a comment.

  2. Start or schedule the execution.


Example of an invitation email.

  1. Personal message previously entered in the template.

  2. Redirect URL previously entered in the template.


  1. Use the search to find the newly created guest account.

  2. Right-click the user and select Change group memberships... from the context menu to assign group memberships.

  3. Assign a license so that the guest can use the desired applications.