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SharePoint Online Logga: Report activities on SharePoint Online

Background / Value

SharePoint Online offers the possibility to store files and folders in the cloud. The advantages of the cloud service are obvious: employees can work together on documents easily and conveniently. Employees can also share documents with external partners as part of these collaborations. The interdependencies grow until it is no longer recognizable who shared which files with whom.

Events recorded with the SharePoint Online Logga can be analyzed in detail and recurrently using the report functions.


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Step-by-step process

  1. Select "Start".
  2. Click "SharePoint Logga Report".


  1. Optional: Give the report a title and a description.
  2. Set the period.
  3. Add the desired resources via drag & drop.


  1. Optional: Specify the operations to be included in the report.
  2. Define output options for the report.
  3. Start the execution.