Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Add FS resources

Click on "File server" to add an FS resource.

To scan file servers in foreign (non-trusted) domains, a collector is mandatory in the foreign domain. See Collectors in foreign domains.


  1. Select the desired file server. The list of computers is loaded from AD (no AD scan needed).
  2. Select a collector.
  3. You can also enter a (not listed) name into the filter / search field.


By default the Access Rights Manager server basic configuration credentials will be used.

If the desired file server is not shown please check the following:

If the scan configuration is invalid you will see an error message at the start of the scan. This will also be recorded in a Logfile.


Import FS configurations

Click on "File server CSV import" to import a file server configuration file.

We recommend using the CSV import functionality to manage a large number of FS scan configurations and add these to Access Rights Manager with just a few clicks.


The CSV file must contain, at minimum, the following columns:

  • "Server"
  • "Share" or "freigabe"

Optional columns:

  • "Collector" or "kollektor"
  • additional descriptions

Choose tab or semi-colon as a delimiter.

If the column "collector" is not created, then the collector defined in the import dialog will be used for all scan configurations.

Do not use the following descriptions as column headers: "Bemerkung", "description", "Präfix", "prefix"


Determine the import settings:

  • which collector(s) perform(s) scans (only required if not included in the CSV file)
  • at what time the scans are performed
  • how many parallel requests are performed
  • file server type
  • if previously entered configurations should be deleted

The settings in the import dialog are valid for all shares.