Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Required accounts and permissions for an SAP scan

Two accounts must be configured for an SAP scan:

Process account

The "Process account" is used to execute the scan process on the selected collector. This account must have local administrator rights and interactive login rights on the collector.



The "scan account" is used for the actual scan. This account must have read access to the following tables:

  • UST04
  • UST10S
  • AGR_1016b
  • USR12
  • UST12
  • TOBJ


To access the tables, the SAP component "SAP Connector for Windows 64bit" is required, which you can download from the SAP download portal (login required).


The needed files are (64bit versions):




The components are contained in the downloaded package.

Copy the missing files to the following target directory on the ARM server: