Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Create a user account as an HR employee

Background / Value

The ARM GrantMA self-service portal allows HR employees to create user accounts for new employees. Instead of sending user information to IT, the entry and creation of a new user account are combined into one simple step. IT simply has to approve the request.

This process is especially useful for departments with high employee turnover and/or a project oriented approach.


Related features

Approve or reject requests (cockpit)


Step-by-step process

  1. Enter your user name and password.
  2. Click Login.


Click New Request or Create New Request.


  1. Navigate to Human Resources.

  2. Click Request next to Create new user.


Enter the relevant information for the new user. Fields with a red warning are mandatory or contain invalid entries.

ARM administrators can customize the template.


After entering all required information click Add to shopping cart.


Add further requests if desired. Click Shopping cart.


ARM shows you the contents of the shopping cart.

  1. You can delete an order item.
  2. You must enter a comment to complete your order.
  3. Start the request.


  1. ARM shows you an overview of your requests. You can always view your requests by selecting "My Requests" from the menu.
  2. You can filter your requests to shorten a long list.
  3. Expand the desired item.
  4. View additional details.
  5. Resend a notification email to the approver.
  6. Cancel your order.