Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Get an overview of the environment in the Web Dashboard

Background / Value

Administrators want a quick overview of the current system status in the web client. Key performance indicators of Active Directory, access management risks or the ARM configuration are displayed at a glance.


Related features

You can find additional useful information in the ARM application (rich client) dashboard, for example depth of group nesting, top 5 Kerberos tokens by size, top 5 oldest logons.


Step-by-step process

  1. Summary of your environment.
  2. Jump quickly to the Analyze scenarios.


  1. Summary of your Active Directory.
  2. Jump quickly to the Active Directory Analyze scenarios.


ARM shows you the status of your configured scans of resources.

Use the ARM configuration application to find detailed status messages of your scans or to adjust the scan configuration.


  1. ARM shows you an overview of the latest changes.
  2. Use the widget menu to set the time frame.
  3. You can use the search to finds events of special interest.


  1. ARM shows you the risk assessment overview.
  2. Jump to the Risk Assessment Dashboard for more details and becoming active on reducing risks.


  1. ARM shows you your open requests.
  2. Jump to the requests view to manage your open requests.