Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Reset passwords

Background / Value

Resetting passwords is one of the most common tasks performed by help desks. Access Rights Manager allows an easy and secure way of resetting passwords. All sensitive actions are documented in the log book. If an employee uses native tools to reset a password and illegally tries to access that user account, the incident is captured with AD Logga. Especially sensitive user accounts can be monitored with AD Logga alerts.


Related features

AD Logga: Identify locked accounts

AD Logga: Set alerts for user accounts


Step-by-step process

  1. Use the search field to find the desired user.
  2. Right-click the user, e.g. in the Accounts view.
  3. Select "Reset User Password" from the context menu.


  1. Determine your password options.
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  3. Start the reset process.