Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Customize the Active Directory (AD) change configuration

Click on "Active Directory".


Configuring new user default settings

You can determine default settings that are applied to newly created users in the ARM application.

The naming conventions for user names can be applied differently for users, administrators and service accounts. You can manage these settings in the appropriate tabs.


Different possibilities for naming rules are described in the "Quick info" section.


Select available LDAP attributes

You can select which LDAP attributes are available in the Access Rights Manager application for the creation of new users and groups.

Attributes that are marked with a green check in the first column can not be deselected.

Attributes with an additional green check in the second column are mandatory fields that must be filled in.

Access Rights Manager reads and displays a standard set of LDAP attributes. If you would like to use additional attributes, please refer to load additional LDAP attributes and customize LDAP attributes properties.