Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

SharePoint resources

The SharePoint feature allows you to integrate SharePoint resources into the Access Rights Manager. ARM users are then able to analyze, manage, and report on SharePoint permissions.

Integrate SharePoint as a resource into Access Rights Manager Access Rights Management was possible in two ways:

OLD: 8MATE for SharePoint up to version 9.0

  • uses the Server Side Object Model (SSOM)
  • Requires a local installation on the SharePoint server
  • Supports only the SharePoint versions 2010 and 2013 (on premise)

NEW: ARM SharePoint integration using the CSOM from version 8.0

  • uses the Client Side Object Model (CSOM)
  • No installation on the SharePoint server is required
  • Supports current SharePoint On-premise versions and SharePoint Online


System requirements must be met.