Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Select access categories available in Access Rights Manager

Access Rights Manager bundles the Microsoft permission combinations into access categories. This allows for a simplification of access rights assignment.


Select the access category that you would like to make available in Access Rights Manager.

Selected access categories will then be visible as columns in the Access Rights Manager application.


Determine which access categories should be available for which Access Rights Manager-user roles.

You can configure these settings so that the administrator role can manage different access categories than the other Access Rights Manager-user roles.


Determine the abbreviations for the individual access categories. The abbreviations can also be used for the naming convention of Access Rights Manager-groups.

Default abbreviations have the following significance:

  • fc - full control
  • md - modify
  • mx - restricted modify
  • re - read & execute
  • r - read
  • w - write
  • ld - list directory
  • ldtf - list directory this folder (only)


Traverse folder

"Traverse folder" is a special combination of access rights where the user only has rights to traverse the folder for navigation (Applies to: this folder only).

This access category is not visible to users if Access Rights Manager manages list rights automatically.


Restricted modify

Restricted modify is a special combination of permissions where users have modify rights to folders and sub-folders but are not able to delete this folder (keep it as parent for inheritance).

Three permissions are assigned:

  • Modify (applies to: this folder, subfolders and files)
  • Deny Delete (applies to: this folder only)
  • Delete (applies to: subfolders and files)