Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Approve or reject requests (cockpit)

Background / Value

Depending on how you have set the approval process, you will receive approval requests for the individual order processes. As an administrator or data owner you keep an eye on the processes.


Step-by-step process

Click Waiting for Approval. In the example shown, 1 request is waiting for approval.

The range of available services (buttons) varies according to role (login), risk assessment and configuration.


  1. Expand an order to see the items.
  2. Depending on the ARM configuration set by your ARM administrator, you will see a pencil or information symbol:

  • Pencil: You can modify the order.
  • Info: You see the details and you are not allowed to modify the order.

Click the pencil icon.


In this example you can edit the order request.

  1. For example, you can downgrade the requested "modify" right to "read" and set the permission to a start and end date.
  2. Click Apply changes.


  1. Select the desired order or item.
  2. Click Approve.


  1. You must enter a comment.
  2. Click OK.

The comment appears in the logbook and is therefore documented auditable.