Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Exchange change configuration

Select Change configuration from the Access Rights Manager Configuration application home menu.

Click Exchange.


Create an Exchange change configuration

In order to create an Exchange Change configuration, complete the following steps first:

  1. Create an Exchange Scan configuration.
  2. Have ARM complete at least one Exchange scan.


  1. Select an (already scanned) Exchange server.
  2. Click the plus icon.


Customize an Exchange change configuration

  1. Enter the desired credentials to make changes to Exchange. Please see System Requirements for the use of Service accounts.
    If you don't enter any credentials, Access Rights Manager-users will be prompted to enter this information for every change.
  2. Specify the settings for creating a mailbox (email-enable an user account).

For creating mailboxes for Exchange Online please see Create a mailbox in Exchange Online (assign an Office 365 license) and Create a user account in Azure Active Directory.


Determine how email addresses for mailing lists are built.

Option activated:

E-Mail-Addresses are automatically built based on Exchange policies. When activating emails for mailing lists the email address can not be changed.

Option deactivated:

Email addresses are generated based upon the defined settings. For example, you can use the OU instead of the group name. You may define email addresses differently than allowed by default Exchange policies.

When activating email of the distribution group, the email address can be changed.

Creating distribution groups in Exchange Online is not supported.


Determine which mailbox access categories are available to Access Rights Manager users.

The category "Receive As" is not supported by Exchange Online.


  1. Determine which distribution group access categories are available to Access Rights Manager users.
  2. Determine the increments that will be used to increase mailbox size.


Delete an Exchange change configuration

Click the red cross.

If you delete an Exchange change configuration you lose all customized settings and can create a new configuration with default settings.