Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Group memberships and account details

The Account Details report provides the following account details by default:

  • Account expiration date
  • Display name
  • User login name
  • Common name
  • Defined name
  • Email address
  • LDAP ADs Path
  • Last login
  • Object GUID
  • Object SID
  • SAM Account Name
  • SAM Account type
  • Group memberships
  • Parents + children
  • Purpose Group names

The report provides easy to read group memberships and account details for selected users or groups.

  1. Log in to the Access Rights Manager application.

  2. Click Start in the toolbar.

  3. Under Documentation & Reporting, click Account Details.

  4. In the Account Details window, configure the report.

    1. In the Title and Comments fields, enter a title and comment for the report.

    2. In the Selected accounts box, define the range of the report.

    3. In the Selected accounts box, select the Resolve group memberships checkbox to get the memberships listed and resolved in the report.

    4. Maximize Settings and define the desired output settings.

    5. Click Start to generate the report.