Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Add a SharePoint on-premise resource

Click the button to add a SharePoint on-premise ressource.


  1. Specify the credentials for the "Process Account". We recommend to use the ARM service account.

The account is preset to scan the SharePoint items. You can change the "Scan Account" later, as described in the chapter "Customize a SharePoint scan configuration".

  1. Click Apply.


ARM checks the specified credentials. Once the check is successful, the selection of available resources opens.


  1. If necessary, change the account used to read the SharePoint resources. Preset is the "Process account".
  2. Specify the SharePoint server name (recommended) or a URL of a SharePoint element. Confirm your entry with the ENTER key.

If you specify the name of the server you can later conveniently select the elements to be integrated.
For this feature, WinRM must be configured and CredSSP must be enabled in the additional SharePoint properties.

  1. Select the added entry (set the checkmark).
  2. Select one or more collectors to perform the scan.

Collector indicator green:
A connection to the specified SharePoint server was successful.

Collector indicator red:
Unable to successfully connect to the specified SharePoint server. You can still save the settings and correct them later.
In certain configurations, the indicator remains red and the SharePoint server can still be successfully scanned with the specified credentials.


You have created a new SharePoint configuration.

The warning indicates that you must configure additional properties before you can successfully perform a scan.


Select SharePoint on-premise elements to be integrated

Click on "Select SharePoint elements" in the SharePoint configuration.


Select the elements to be integrated.

This option is only working if WinRM is configured and CredSSP in the additional SharePoint properties is enabled.