Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

File Server Logga

The Problem

Security risks often arise when temporary access rights to sensitive documents are granted to unauthorized employees. These documents can then be read, deleted or even copied. If the access rights are removed immediately thereafter, then the security incident remains undiscovered. Who copied which files can no longer be understood.


Confusing processes

Confusing access rights assignments can not be improved if the current state can not be analyzed. Who grants rights to whom and why? Where are problems commonplace? Which activities require more coordination? Only by analyzing past mistakes can you implement a sensible access rights process for your organization.


The solution

Access Rights Manager creates transparency over the access rights situation on your file server. The FS Logga expands this transparency to the entire access and change history in your system. Even actions performed outside of Access Rights Manager are captured. Temporary access rights and other changes with security implications become understandable immediately.

By configuring reports you can identify differences in your access rights structure. Access and changes of sensitive data, including deleting copying, moving and modifying are logged with the FS Logga.


This is what you can achieve with the FS Logga

  • Administrators get a full picture of all actions being performed on a given file server. This allows you to optimize access rights processes.
  • Auditors can easily identify security incidents related to sensitive date including the involved actors.
  • The executive department can be certain: The FS Logga provides all necessary data for more security and process improvement and makes security related incidents completely transparent.