Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

As a data owner, analyze permissions on resources in the web client


Data owners are responsible for the resources assigned to them and thus also for the access rights. With the ARM web client, it is also very easy for data owners with less technical affinity to analyze the access permissions in their area of responsibility.


Step-by-step process

Log in to the web client as a data owner.


  1. Select Resources.

  2. Navigate to the desired item in the tree view, for example, a folder in the file system.

  3. Click the folder.


  1. ARM shows an overview of the previously selected item, including, for example, how many days are left until the next recertification.

  2. Click Accounts.


ARM shows a list of all accounts with permissions.

  1. Identify whether the account listed is a group or a user.

  2. ARM shows what permissions the accounts have.

  3. Click on an entry to display details about the permissions.