Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Configure scripts

Scripts must be stored in the following directory:



Supported file types are:

  • .ps (PowerShell)
  • .vbs (VisualBasic)
  • .bat
  • .cmd
  • .js (nodejs.exe)
  • .exe


Required PowerShell modules must be installed on the ARM server.


On the start page of the ARM configuration application, click "Scripting".


Select the area for which you are configuring scripts.


  1. ARM shows you a list of all the supported change actions before or after which scripts can be executed, as well as available parameters.
  2. Create a new script configuration.


  1. Select whether to run the script before or after the action. Your selection filters the available actions (column 2).
  2. Select an action for which you want to make a script available.
  3. If you have several scripts available for an action, specify the default settings for the ARM users in the drop-down menu.


  1. Select a script file.
  2. Select how ARM passes the parameters to the script.

You can select the parameters directly or pass them as JSON or CSV objects.


Select the command line parameters.


Select the type of data transfer to the script. Using a JSON or CSV object as a selection causes the script to provide a temporary file that contains the object data in the selected format.


  1. Specify credentials to run the script. If you do not specify any, the credentials from the basic configuration are used.
  2. Give the script assignment a unique name for the selection in the ARM applications.
  3. Optional but recommended: Leave a description.


Get a command line preview at any time.