Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Provide access to the ARM applications (GUI)

The following steps are optional:

You can provide the ARM applications to further users via share or install.

Provide applications through a share


This "deployment via sharing" procedure minimizes the amount of maintenance required for updates compared to installation on the client computer.



After clicking on a start shortcut, larger amounts of data are transferred over the network than with a local installation. With low bandwidth (WAN routes), this can result in a longer start time.


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To give users access to the ARM GUIs, you must share the following folder with read permissions:

NEW: %ProgramFiles%\Solarwinds\ARM

OLD: %ProgramFiles%\protected networks\8MAN

It is not sufficient to share only the sub-folder "bin".


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You can create shortcuts for users to the ARM applications in the bin folder: app8Man.exe and  appConfig.exe.


Install the ARM applications

  1. Copy the ARM Setup.exe file into a local folder (do not use a network folder).
  2. To start the installation, execute the file with admin rights. By default the setup language will be set to the language of your operating system if supported (German, English, French). If your language is not supported English will be used.

You can install the ARM GUI on client computers or servers as often as desired.


  1. On the welcome page select Advanced Installation.
  2. Click Next.


  1. Select Custom Installation.
  2. Enable ARM application and/or ARM Configuration application.
  3. Click Next and follow the instructions on the screen to install the ARM applications (GUIs) to the PC locally.

Leave the ARM Web Components option disabled. If the web components are installed on a server computer, the web based applications are available via supported browsers on any client without any further installation.