Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Create SharePoint groups

Background / Value

SharePoint groups can exist separately from Active Directory on a SharePoint server. With Access Rights Manager you can easily create new SharePoint groups.


Related features

Manage SharePoint permissions


Step-by-step process

Select Create a new user account or group on the start page.


Select the template for the desired SharePoint resource.


  1. Specify a name for the new group.
  2. Optional: Enter a description.
  3. Select the site collection to which the group is assigned.
  4. Use the search to specify an owner.


  1. Select who can see the members of the group.
  2. Select who can edit the group memberships.


  1. Determine how membership requests are handled.
  2. Specify credentials that have the permissions to create the new group on SharePoint.
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  4. Start the execution.