Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Configure AD resources

  1. This icon is used for easy recognition of an AD configuration.
  2. Sart/Stop an AD scan. During and after a scan you can find information on the progress and the success of a scan in the light green box. Saved information about the scans of the last 14 days can be found in the Job overview.
  3. Set the schedule for the AD scan or disable the scheduled execution.
  4. You can change the name of the Scan Configuration. If you have configured many resource scans, you can use the filter to quickly find a configuration.


Specify the credentials that will be used to perform the AD scan.

We recommend using a service account. Required permissions can be found in the section Service Account Permissions of the System Requirements.


Determine which collector performs the scan.

You can select several collectors. Access Rights Manager then automatically decides which collector will run the scan based on CPU load and memory usage. The scan is always performed by only one collector.


You can configure the number of parallel requests. The more parallel requests the faster the scan (non-linear) and the higher the CPU load.

Possible values are 1 (no parallel requests) to 128.


Specify for which Active Directory object classes the permissions are read.

This option is useful if you are working with delegation in AD.