Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Enter SQL server credentials

  1. Enter the SQL server name, the name of the instance and the data base (no spaces allowed). Please note additional information to the SQL instance name.
  2. Activate the encrypted data transfer between the ARM server and the SQL server. The encrypted data transfer must first be prepared as described in the following instructions: Enable encrypted connections to the Database Engine (© 2020 Microsoft,, obtained on August 31, 2020).
  3. By default, the simple recovery mode (recommended) is configured for the Access Rights Manager data base. Switching to the full recovery mode is only possible once the initial configuration has been completed (also see: switch data base recovery mode).
  4. Specify the type of logon to the SQL server.

    Option enabled
    Windows authentication is used with the credentials of the Access Rights Manager server (as specified on the left side)

    Option disabled
    SQL server authentication is used. Enter user name and password to log into the SQL server.
    SolarWinds recommends the use of service accounts.

  1. Click the button to verify the connection to the SQL server.
  2. If valid credentials have been entered, ARM displays the message "Test successful".

Identify the SQL server instance name

Screenshots property of © 2020 Microsoft.

The instance name can be identified by using the services console:



A standard SQL server (or higher) can be installed without assigning an instance name. This is then displayed in the Services Console as "SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER)". In this case, the SQL Server Instance field must remain empty. The word "(local)" is displayed in gray as a placeholder.