Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Request file server access rights

Background / Value

Employees can request access rights to file server directories from Data Owners by using the GrantMA self-service portal.

You can configure a variety of different processes and involve the relevant decision makers, depending on your security requirements.


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Step-by-step process

  1. Enter your user name and password.
  2. Click "Login".
  3. You can alternatively login as the current windows user (no user name and password required).


Click "Create new request".


  1. ARM shows you as the applicant only the resources that can be ordered.
  2. Use the search to find the desired resource quickly.
  3. Navigate through available resources.


  1. Click on a link to drill down further.
  2. Check the box if you want to request access to more than one folder.
  3. Click "Request".


  1. Select the desired kind of access.
  2. Set an activation date.
  3. Optional: Set an expiration date.

Depending on your ARM configuration the approver may be able to modify the request.

  1. Click "Add to shopping cart".


Click "Shopping cart".


  1. You can delete order items.
  2. Add a recipient to your order. You are able to request access for other users.
  3. Remove the recipient. You can also remove yourself and only request access for other users.
  4. You must enter a comment. Give a good reason so that the approver can make a wise decision.
  5. Start the request.