Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Reduce multiple groups to one group

Background / Value

On organized AD should have a limited number of groups. Access Rights Manager allows you to easily combine historically accumulated and unnecessary groups. The following example shows the creation of a central help desk group. Access Rights Manager allows you to simply copy all of the desired members and then combine them into one group.


Step-by-step process

  1. Select "Multiselection".
  2. Apply filters to find the desired groups.
  3. Select the groups.
  4. Select all desired users and copy them into the clipboard. (For example CTRL+A and CTRL+C).


Right-click and select "Create new user or group".


  1. Name the new group.
  2. In the "Members" section click on "Paste".


  1. All members of the previously selected groups are now in the new group "Central Help Desk".
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  3. Start the execution.