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Identify the depth of group nesting


An AD that has grown over years often contains a large number of nested levels. The Access Rights Manager dashboard shows nested groups up to level 10. According to Microsoft best-practice your AD should contain no more than 3 or 4 levels. Access Rights Manager allows you to identify these critical areas of your AD and restructure them with minimal effort. In order to achieve low levels of nesting and maintain a well organized AD structure we recommend creating more groups with specific functionalities.


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Reduce multiple groups to one group


Step-by-step process

  1. Select Dashboard.
  2. Click on any of the nesting levels (columns).


  1. Access Rights Manager switches to Multiselection.
  2. In this scenario Access Rights Manager automatically filters the groups by the selected nesting level.
  3. You can see the nested levels in the tree graph on the right hand side.