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Graphical timeline analysis of events in the web client

Background / Value

For ARM administrators, a graphical timeline display of events is available in the web client. You can use this display to analyze the events of all ARM management activities and all recorded Logga events. The timeline view includes zoom-in and zoom-out functionality. Additional filters and a free search allow the administrator to quickly find the desired events.


Related features

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View activities in mailboxes, calendars, and contacts in logbook (rich client)

Analyze AD Logga events with the logbook (rich client)


Step-by-step process

Log in to the web client as an ARM administrator and click Analyze > Timeline.

  1. By default, ARM shows you a list of all events of the last 2 weeks. Click on the link to change the time span of your analysis.
  2. ARM shows you how many events occurred per day. You can click on a single column in the timeline or draw a frame to narrow down the time span of your analysis.
  3. Use filters to further narrow down the events displayed.

Only filter categories for which events exist are displayed.

In contrast to the logbook of the rich client, FS Logga events are also displayed, if available.

  1. Use the search function to search for a specific event.


  1. Hover over a column to see more details, for example how many events occurred at this time.
  2. Use Reset in the action menu to remove all filters.
  3. Hide the filter panel.
  4. Return to the previous view.
  5. Reset the timeline view to the default time span.
  6. Hide the timeline.
  7. Refresh the view by reloading data from the database.