Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Assign resources to an organizational category

Select the desired resource and add it to the organizational category via drag & drop or by double-clicking it.

You can only add resources which have been scanned.

Open order resources such as "template", "hardware" or "software" can only be added if:

  • you have the required license
  • you have imported an open order configuration.


Select a resource to perform the following functions in the flyout:

  1. Remove resource.
  2. Assign aliases and description to simplify ordering in GrantMA.
  3. Enable/disable re-certification. To be able to re-certificate a resource, visibility (5) and changeability (6) is also necessary.
  4. Enable/disable orderability in GrantMA. To be able to order a resource, visibility (5) and changeability (6) is also necessary.
  5. Enable/disable visibility.
  6. Enable/disable changeability.


Hierarchy rule:

Resources are available in the assigned organizational category and all higher categories (from bottom to top as opposed to Data Owner and NTFS rights inheritance).

  1. Activate the option Show inherited entries to display inherited entries in gray.
  2. The column Inherited from shows the origin.