Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Configure FS resources

Edit the name of the FS configuration.


Schedule the FS scan by clicking on the clock icon or the link in the text. You can also disable scheduled scanning.


You can change the file server for which this scan configuration is used.


  1. Configure the number of parallel requests. The more parallel requests the faster the scan and the higher the CPU load. Possible values are 1 (no parallel requests) to 128.
  2. Set the file server type.

Access Rights Manager detects only Windows file server types automatically. For NetApp and EMC, you must set the correct type for optimal performance.

For DFS, we recommend using the Configuration Wizard for optimal performance when scanning and making changes.


Determine which credentials are used to perform the FS scan.

We recommend using a service account. Required permissions can be found in the section Service Account Permissions of the System Requirements.


Determine which collectors are used to perform the scan.

You can select multiple collectors. ARM then automatically decides which collector to actually run the scan through based on CPU load and memory usage. The scan is always performed through one collector only.


Determine the shares that will be scanned. Please refer to the notes in the Select Shares section.


  1. Determine the scan depth.
  2. To save storage space, you can specify from which depth only paths with deviating permissions are stored.


Select shares

To ensure optimal results for reports and viewing information in the Access Rights Manager resource view, consider the following points when selecting shares.



A selection of these shares will result in the following resource view:


Folders are shown twice (for example  "Organization").

This may result in confusing access group names created by the group wizard, as well as unclear and confusing reports and views.



Only select shares, which are entry points and visible/relevant for users.


The permissions are displayed in the usual manner in the Access Rights Manager resource view.


Label shares

You can add descriptions and additional information to shares.

  1. Enter a column description into the appropriate field. Click on the plus icon. This creates a new description column.
  2. Enter a description for the shares.

The descriptions are shown in Access Rights Manager reports.