Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Determine server thresholds

Determine server thresholds and monitoring frequency.

Please also reference the following chapter: Display actual server thresholds.


Access Rights Manager identifies automatically whether you are using SQL Express. In this case you can determine thresholds for data base size.

If you are using a "full" SQL server, then these settings are not relevant.

Please refer to the following section for additional information: Access Rights Manager and SQL Express.


Access Rights Manager automatically determines the available disk space on the volume storing SQL data base files.

Determine thresholds for available storage space.


Determine the thresholds for available disk space of the scan archive.

Settings for the scan archive can be found in Storage of Scans.


Determine the thresholds for the message queuing.

The settings are only relevant if you use the alerts feature (alert sensors enabled).


Display the server health check

Click on the marked symbol in the status bar to see the current server values.

This works in both Access Rights Manager applications.