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Identify inactive accounts (web client)

Background / Value

Inactive accounts can be used for data theft and manipulation without being detected. Since most inactive accounts are remnants of past employees, they are often a symptom of a communication problem between HR and IT. Access Rights Manager displays all inactive accounts in Active Directory with a last logon older than 30 days. Remove or deactivate accounts that are no longer needed.


Related features

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Step-by-step process

  1. Click Analyze.

  2. Click Risk assessment dashboard.


  1. Access Rights Manager shows a rating for the risk factor "Inactive accounts".
  2. Click "Minimize risks".

The tiles are sorted by risk level and may therefore be located in different places.


  1. Access Rights Manager lists all inactive accounts.
  2. Use sorting, filtering and grouping to analyze the data.
  3. Select the rows to display in the grid and in the reports.
  4. Export the data into Excel.
  5. Create a report in PDF- or CSV-format. Save the report or email it.