Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Identify inactive accounts (web client)

Inactive accounts can be used for data theft and manipulation without being detected. Since most inactive accounts apply to former employees, they can be a symptom of miscommunications between HR and IT.

ARM displays all inactive accounts in Active Directory with a last logon older than 30 days. Using ARM, you can identify user accounts that are no longer in use.

  1. Log in to the web client.

  2. In the tollbar, click Analyze > Risk assessment dashboard.

    The Risk Analysis dashboard is displayed. All tiles are sorted by risk level.

  3. Locate the Inactive accounts tile. The tile shows a rating of 21 as the risk factor.

  4. Click Minimize Risks.

    The Inactive Accounts dashboard is displayed.

    The dashboard title displays at the top of the screen (1). Use sorting, filtering, and grouping to analyze the data (2). Click the drop-down menu and select the rows to display in the grid and reports (3). Click Direct Excel export to export the data to a Microsoft Excel file (4). Click Create Report to create the report in PDF or CSV format.

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