Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Add an SAP scan

In the ARM Configuration Application click Scans > SAP Connector to add an SAP resource.


Specify the credentials for the "Process account".

The account is not used to scan SAP permissions. The "Scan account" is set up in a later step.

After the "Process Account" has been successfully checked, the selection of available resources opens.


  1. Enter the name or IP address of the SAP server. Confirm your input with the ENTER key.
  2. Activate the added entry (check the box).
  3. Select one or more collectors to scan through.
  4. Click "Apply".


You have created a new SAP scan configuration.

  1. The warning indicates that you need to configure additional properties before you can successfully run a SAP scan.
  2. The credentials for the "Scan Account" are prefilled with those of the "Process Account". Click on the link to add different credentials for the scan account.