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Delete accounts in bulk (soft delete) (web client)

Background / Value

After a security breach or the dissolution of a department, it makes sense to delete several accounts at the same time. Do this conveniently in the web client.


Related features

Change password options in bulk (web client)

Delete accounts in bulk (soft delete) (web client)


Step-by-step process

  1. Click "Analysis".
  2. Select the category "AD users".
  3. Click on "All AD user accounts".


  1. Set options for the scenario.
  2. Click Start calculation for your scenario.


  1. Use sorting, filtering, grouping and column selection to narrow down your selection.
  2. Select the desired entries.
  3. Click Soft delete user account.


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  2. Click Execute Action.

The job will be transferred to the Access Rights Manager server and executed there. Access Rights Manager administrators can see the status in the task overview scenario.