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Modify attributes in bulk (web client)

Background / Value

With Access Rights Manager you can change AD attributes in bulk. This is can be relevant during reorganizations such as a merger and / or address change.

Access Rights Manager provides a standard set of modifiable attributes. For each Access Rights Manager role, you can specify which attributes are displayed and can therefore be changed. Please refer to the chapter: Set attributes available to web client scenarios.


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Step-by-step process

  1. Click "Analysis".
  2. Select the category "AD users".
  3. Click on "All AD user accounts".


  1. Set options for the scenario.
  2. Click on "Start calculation".


  1. Use sorting, filtering, grouping and column selection to narrow down your selection.
  2. Select the desired entries.
  3. Click "Change personal information".


  1. Activate the attributes that are to be changed and enter the values.

If you activate an input field and do not specify a value, the content of the attribute is deleted.

  1. You must enter a comment.
  2. Click "Execute Action".

The job is transferred to the Access Rights Manager server and executed there. Access Rights Manager administrators can see the status in the task overview scenario.

To set the available attributes in the dialog please refer to: Set attributes available to web client scenarios