Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Create groups and add users

Background / Value

Access Rights Manager allows you to create standardized groups quickly and easily. Each process is automatically documented.


Related features

Manage group memberships


Step-by-step process

  1. Select Start.
  2. Click Add a new user account or group.


Access Rights Manager offers 4 standard templates. You can generate as many of your own templates as you wish. We recommend using customized templates as a foundation as this simplifies, standardizes and speeds up the process.

  1. Select a group template.
  2. Click Select.


  1. Set the group names and description.
  2. Change the OU if desired.
  3. Determine the group scope.
  4. Determine the group type.


  1. You can add users while creating the group.
  2. Determine the credentials for creating the new group in AD.


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Sensitive administrative actions should always contain an explanation why the account is being created and/or what it is for. We recommend adding a ticket number and information who requested the account creation.

  1. Complete the action immediately or later, or save it as a scheduled job.