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Report activities on mailboxes, calendars, and contacts

Background / Value

Events recorded with the Exchange Logga can be analyzed in detail and recurrently using the report functions. Specific questions about Exchange changes can be answered faster with the logbook view.


Related features

View activities in mailboxes, calendars, and contacts (logbook)


Step-by-step process

  1. Select "Start".
  2. Click "Exchange Logga Report".


  1. Optional: Give the report a title and a description.
  2. Set the period.
  3. Add the required resources via drag & drop.


  1. Select the login type.
  2. If you have special users in focus, add them via drag & drop. For all users, leave the selection blank.
  3. Optional: Select Actions.
  4. Define output options for the report.
  5. Start the execution.