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Identify errors in inheritance and fix them in bulk (web client)

Background / Value

Errors in the inheritance of file server permissions often occur when employees copy or move directories. This can lead to unwanted access.

With the "Directories with corrupted inheritance" scenario, you can identify corrupted inheritance in a few clicks and eliminate them in one go.


Related features

Identify corrupted inheritance


Step-by-step process

  1. In the cockpit, choose "Analysis".
  2. Select the category "Directories".
  3. Click "Directories with corrupted inheritance".


  1. Determine which file servers are included in your analysis.
  2. Start the calculation.


  1. ARM lists all directories with corrupted inheritance.
  2. Use sorting, filtering, grouping and column selection to locate the desired rows.
  3. Select the desired entries.
  4. Click "Enforce Inheritance".


  1. Leave a comment.
  2. Click "Execute Action".

The job will be transferred to the ARM server and executed there. You can find the status in Jobs overview.