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Include open order templates in the Access Rights Manager GrantMA

To create Open Order Templates, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the template's call into the XML Resource Configuration.
  2. Upload an XML resource configuration to the Data Owner configuration.
  3. Set the Open Order resource to requestable.


Enter the template's call into the XML resource configuration

Assign the unique ID of the OpenOrderTemplate to one or more resources.

For more information on the structure of the XML resource configuration, see the Open Order manual.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<resourceImport Version="3">

<technology Id="D54C16F2-42C1-477A-BD20-3285158F68D3" Name="Hardware" IconId="2" Color="#0000be">



<permissionSet PermissionSetId="1" Description="['en-US:Buy','de-DE:Kaufen']" />

<permissionSet PermissionSetId="2" Description="['en-US:Lease','de-DE:Leasen']" />

<permissionSet PermissionSetId="3" Description="['en-US:Rent','de-DE:Mieten']" />



<type Id="1" Description="['en-US:Hardware','de-DE:Hardware']" IconId="Container" PermissionSetIds="[]" />

<type Id="3" Description="['en-US:Desktop','de-DE:Desktop']" IconId="Computer" PermissionSetIds="[1,2,3]" />




<root Id="6CE9B526-9FFD-46A5-9ED0-36FB4E1303B5" Name="Computer" TypeId="1" Merge="no">

<resource Name="Desktop PCs" TypeId="3" Description="['en-US:Stationary PC','de-DE:Stationäre Arbeitsplatz-PCs']">

<resource Name="Desktop-PC Simple" TypeId="3" />

<resource Name="Desktop-PC Standard" TypeId="3" />

<resource Name="Desktop-PC Custom" TypeId="3" TemplateID="E3865726-6FDF-489E-A7D5-4ABBA5B2BF83" />







Upload an XML resource configuration to the Data Owner configuration

In the Access Rights Manager configuration, click Open Order.


Click Upload to import the XML Resource Configuration. After successful import, the resources are available in the Data Owner configuration and can be assigned to organizational categories.


Set the open order resource to requestable

In the Access Rights Manager configuration, click Data Owner.


  1. Add the desired resource by drag & drop.
  2. The resource is automatically marked as requestable.


The requester can find the resource available via Open Order.


Example for a template based Open Order request.