Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Switch the database recovery mode

You can change the recovery mode only after you complete the initial configuration and the Test successful message displays in the window.

Switch the recovery mode

  1. Start the Configuration application.

  2. Click Basic Configuration.

  3. In the Basic Configuration window, if you do not see the icon for step 2, click Refresh (1). You can switch the recovery mode from Simple to Full (2), and back again.

    SolarWinds recommends using the Simple mode.

  4. After you select a recovery mode, click Refresh to enable your changes.

    See Recovery Models (SQL Server) located on the Microsoft Learn website at for information about recovery models.

  5. Reclaim additional hard drive space by shrinking the database and database logs. See SQL Server database maintenance for instructions.

    Otherwise, complete and save the basic configuration to continue the basic configuration setup.