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Flexible reports (web client)

Background / Value

With Analyze & Act in the web client, you create flexible reports. Design the report with groupings, filters, sorts and the desired columns exactly as you need it. You can then export the finished report directly to the Excel format, for example.


Step-by-step process

  1. Click Analyze.
  2. Click New analyze session.
  3. Select any scenario, for example All AD user accounts.


  1. Set options for the scenario.
  2. Click Start calculation.


B040-04 EN flexible Reporte

  1. Use groupings, sorts and filters to design the report layout.
  2. Add or remove columns to the content.
  3. Export the report directly to the Excel format. Layout options will be adopted.
  4. Create a report in PDF or CSV format, which you store on the file system or send by email.