Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Identify access rights on a resource

Access Rights Manager quickly shows you all access rights on resources. Initially you should focus on the resources containing the most sensitive data. You simply need to know: Who has access?

Step-by-step process

  1. Search for the desired directory.
  2. You can find your search result in the directory section.

A014-02 EN Ein Verzeichnis und die Berechtigungen darauf identifizieren

  1. Access Rights Manager switches to the resource view.
  2. Access Rights Manager expands the tree and focuses on the desired directory.
  3. Access Rights Manager displays all access rights categories that exist for the chosen directory.

  1. Select an access category filter. You can expand the tree to analyze how permissions are build.
    In this example the Modify filter has been chosen.
  2. Access Rights Manager lists all accounts with Modify access rights to the Marketing directory in a flat list - regardless of whether they are assigned directly, through groups, or nested groups.

  3. You can add additional filters for users, groups, contacts and computers to narrow down the results further.