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Modify moderation of distribution groups

Background / Purpose

With Access Rights Manager you can quickly modify the moderation of distribution groups. The process will be documented automatically.

If no moderators are nominated the role is filled out by the manager of the group.

The change also works for dynamic Exchange groups.


Related features

Change the manager of distribution groups


Step-by-step process

Use the search field to find the desired distribution group.


  1. You are focusing in the desired group.
  2. Right-click on a group and select "Edit moderation".


E034-03 Moderation von Verteilergruppen ändern EN

  1. Enable or disable the moderation of the distribution group.
  2. Use the search field to find accounts.
  3. Use drag & drop to move accounts to the column"Moderators" or "Sender without moderation" (Whitelist).
  4. Determine the workflow for rejected messages.
  5. You must enter a comment.
  6. Start the process.