Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Configure email settings

Activate email support in Access Rights Manager (check the box).


Configure an SMTP-server for sending emails. For Exchange Online, use as the server name, 587 for the port, and set SSL to enabled.

As of version 2022.2, you can also use an external email server including Exchange Online.

Standard ports for SMTP:

  • 25 without SSL
  • 465 or 587 with SSL/TLS


Set the sender address and specify the credentials to send the emails.

Please note that in case the sender address differs from the credentials, a "Send-As" permission is required.


  1. Not recommended: You can use this option if the SMTP server supports sending emails anonymously.

  2. Use this option for sending emails via Exchange on-premise.

  3. Use this option for sending emails via Exchange Online or another external SMTP server.


Sources for errors, alerts and warnings include the following:

  • Thresholds from the Server Health-Check
  • Errors when running Access Rights Manager

The events of the last 4 hours are summarized in an email.


Enter an email address if you want to be alerted every time a user completes a change with Access Rights Manager.

SPAM Alert! Every change generates an email.