Documentation forAccess Rights Manager

Configure SharePoint Online Logga

To enable the SharePoint Online Logga, you must have completed the preparation for Office 365 integration in the Azure Portal.


Start the Access Rights Manager configuration application and click Scans.


Select Logga - SharePoint Online.


  1. Select a collector server. Note, that the collector server needs internet access to pull SharePoint Online events.
  2. Click Apply.


  1. Newly added resources are always at the bottom.
  2. You have created a SharePoint Online Logga configuration.
  3. The warning indicates that not all required settings are made.
  4. Click one of the links.


  1. Enter the tenant, for example "".
  2. Enter the application ID.
  3. Enter the client secret.

The application ID and the client secret were created during the preparation for Office 365 integration.

  1. Determine the interval for pulling events from SharePoint Online to the collector server.
  2. You must enter a comment.
  3. Click Apply.


  1. Give the SharePoint Online Logga configuration a new name.
  2. Specify the interval at which the Logga data is written from the collector to the ARM database.
  3. Turn on the Logga.

Please note that when you enable logging for the first time, Microsoft states that it can take up to 12 hours for the first events to be recorded.